Moving User Accounts

Video Guide

Would you prefer to watch a video on how to do this?  If so, please see the Moving and Archiving Users guide.

Step by Step Guide

If an employee moves to a different department or part of your organisation you will also need to move them to the correct organisation on your platform. To do this select Organisation and Users from the Menu. If you only have one Organisation in your structure, click on the Users tab then click on Move Users (see image 1). If you have multiple Organisations, you will first need to select the correct Organisation from the list on the Organisation and Users tab before selecting the Users tab (see image 2).

Note: If you are moving a user from one Organisation to another Organisation (at the highest level), you need to be viewing the receiving Organisation. If not, you will not be able to view the unit you wish to move the user in to in step one of the wizard as detailed below.

Image 1

Image 2

 This will launch step one of the two-step-wizard. On this step you will need to click on Add Users.

You can search for the user in the search box by name. Once you have located the user you will need to put a tick in the box on the far right hand side then Add and Close.

If you are moving multiple users who are spread across different pages, you will need to click on Add once you have selected (using the tick box) the first name(s) before moving onto the next page. You can then select Add and Close or Close once you have added all of your users. If you would like to move all users within an organisation unit you would search by Organisation Unit and place a tick within the Select all checkbox to select all users within the unit.

Clicking Add and Close will return you to the previous screen where the users you have selected will be listed. You will now need to select the Organisation Unit which you wish to move the users into.  Click on the Select link to be presented with the structure of the Organisation you selected at the start (Image 2 above). 

You can now find the appropriate unit. Click on the plus signs next the the units to expand the organisation structure if you have multiple units within each section. Once selected click on OK.

With the users and Organisation Unit selected you can now click Next to continue.

On the final step you can review the information and click Finish.

If the user's line manager has also changed, please see the How to Amend a Line Manager guide.

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