Creating a Structured/Unstructured CPD Summary Report

Navigate to the Reports section.  See the Reports Homepage guide if you are unsure how to get here.
Click on New Report.

Step 1

Choose Activity Registrations from the Data Source list and click Next.

Step 2

In the Select Parameters step, select all that apply to you and your organisation (examples are shown below) then click Next.

Step 3

Choose the fields you would like to report (i
f you need help on how to do this, please see Step 3 in the Creating a New Report guide).  For this particular report, we have chosen:

Report Fields
  • Person > Last Login Date
  • Activity Category Groups > CPD Category
  • Activity > Time Spent (Sum)*
  • Person > Total CPD Hours
  • Group By
  • Organisation > Organisation Name
  • Person > Total CPD Hours

  • *All of the fields have their default calculations however these can be amended, which is what we have done here.  Ensure the field you wish to amend is highlighted and click on the pencil icon.

    Amend the calculation to Sum and click on Save.

    This is what our Field Selections look like.  Click on Next. 

    Step 4

    You are now able to add some filters if you would like to report on certain areas of your organisation. I have added some example filters in the Filter field, summarised in the table below, as not all of the titls are shown in the screenshot. In addition to the Filters, you can also choose Sort Fields so that the Report is how you would like it when it is run.  Just click on the Add Filter or Add Sort to add them.

    Alternatively you can add this later when you run your report.
    Filter Field Label Where Filter Value
    Organisation Unit > Organisation Unit Name Organisation Unit Name Contains
    Activity Category Groups > CPD Category Activity Group > CPD Activity In All
    Activity > Completion Status Completion Status In Completed

    Click on Next when you are happy with the Filter/Sort Fields or just click Next if you wish to continue without adding any.

    Step 5

    Give the Report a Name (adding a description can also be very helpful) and click Finish.

    The Report will be run by the system.  Below is an example of what this report will look like.

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