Retired Questions

Within your Content Manager you may see that there is a field that states 'Requires attention'. This means that some questions within an assessment have been retired and may have been replaced.

To remove the retired questions

Click on the Requires Attention located under Administration in the Filters column as shown below.  This will show the assessment that requires attention.  

Click on the assessment text and then click on the Questions tab. A message will appear to say 'This assessment contains questions that have been retired'.  If you have more than one section in an assessment, you will need to check each section to make sure the retired questions have been removed. Click on Edit Questions and under the question status section located on the left-hand side of the screen, click on the Retired Questions link, which will only display the retired questions. (Please remember to use this filter otherwise you may delete all questions within this section of the assessment).

Click on the Remove All link or remove questions one by one by clicking on the X button as shown on the illustration below.

Once you have removed all of the retired questions, you will no longer see the section that requires attention within the Content Manager. Please note that if all the questions within the assessment are retired this will remove all the questions within this section of the assessment.

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