Categories and Assigning Users to Them

Categories are another level of organisation, allowing you to group users together in an additional way. This means that even if users are split over different units or organisations on the Unicorn LMS system, you can also group users together by categories. This allows more options when carrying out mass registrations of users to activities. So, if you want to assign a course to all the administrators on the system, for instance, but they are scattered across different units, as long as they are assigned to the Administrator category, you can register them in one go instead of having to go through and registering them individually. For more details on registering users to content, please see the Activity Registrations guide.

To assign a user to a category, hover over the Menu and click on Organisations and Users. Once this page has loaded, click on Users on the left hand page and then select Categories, again on the left hand side of the page. This will open up a page allowing you to select a category for the user. Simply select the category that you’d like to assign the user to, as pictured below, and click Save Changes.

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