I have completed a module/course, but my status still says Incomplete. Why is this?

Most times when this happens, it is simply the case that there is part of the eLearning that needs to be read. When going through eLearning it can be easy to skip past a page where something needs to clicked or a question answered; it can also be easy to skip past a whole section without even realising. It is best to be sure to click on everything that is clickable within eLearning, as indicated when the mouse cursor changes to a hand, not only because it often provides additional information but also because it ensures that you are going through the courses fully.

A good way to see if there is anything within a piece of eLearning that needs completing is to go to the home page of the activity, where there is often a list of the sections to the course along with the completion status of each section, as illustrated below.

In this instance the green tick next to the first section indicates that it has been completed; the orange tick next to the second section means that it has been started, but needs completing and the lack of a tick next to the final topic means that it has not been started at all.

It is also worth being aware of case studies within learning. These need to be completed in order to finish a module and have it marked as complete. In the example above, the case study has been started, but not finished, as indicated by the orange tick next to it. The picture below shows what a case study is like when it has been started, but not finished.

In the image above two of the case studies have been started, but only one has been successfully finished and there are two that haven’t been started at all. In this instance, when you complete a case study the character will have the amount of questions answered, in this case 4/4 and the character will have a green outline if all of the questions have been answered correctly and a yellow outline if any less have been answered. The required amount of correct answers varies between case studies and this will indicated when carrying out the case study itself. If a case study has been started but not completed the character has a yellow border with the amount of questions correctly answered, as above and if a study has not been attempted at all, the character has a purple outline with no indication of any questions answered or attempted.

The format will vary between courses, however, there will be an indication to say what has been completed and what is yet to be done.

On occasion the completion status of a course may not update properly because the course has not been exited properly. It is always best to exit a course by clicking on the exit button within the learning itself and NOT using the exit button on the internet browser. This is usually in the bottom left hand corner of the page, although it can occasionally be elsewhere within the learning.

One other thing is to make sure that your computer meets the minimum technical requirements of Unicorn LMS. 

If you have been through the eLearning and there does not seem to be anything left to read, please do not hesitate to contact us on the Unicorn Help Desk where we will do everything we can to help you progress.

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