User Roles, Permissions and Reporting Scopes Overview

User Roles Overview

As an administrator you are able to change users’ permission settings, upgrading them to be a manager or administrator or alternatively, downgrade somebody to a standard user, if required.  There are four levels of roles available:

Standard user

This is the default setting for people registered onto Unicorn LMS.  Standard users are able to progress through learning, assessments and other activities that are assigned to them on their training plan. They are also able to register themselves for activities (or express their wish to register, depending on the settings of the site) via the Find Learning catalogue and also run reports on their activity on the site in the Reports.


Managers are given an overview of their staff’s activity on the site via the Staff Activity page. Managers are also able to report on the users that are assigned to them to manager.

Reporting administrator

Reporting administrators are given access to the full reporting capability on Unicorn LMS allowing them to view more types of reports, as well as create their own reports.


Administrators are the highest level of user and able to carry out a lot more tasks than all other users, such as assigning learning to users via the Content Manager, as well as creating programmes, assessments and other learning activities in this part of Unicorn LMS. Administrators are also able to carry out administrative tasks, such as making changes to users’ accounts (email address, username, changing passwords, unlocking accounts etc.), have full access to the reporting capability of Unicorn LMS and much more.

Reporting Scope Overview

As well as the user’s role within the Unicorn LMS system, there is another level of permissions via the Reporting Scope. The permission settings for users are made up of a combination of the System Roles and the Reporting Scope. Depending on the site that you are using, there may be four options to choose from within the Reporting Scope. The options are as follows: 

Direct Reports

This option allows a user to run reports on themselves and any users that they line manage directly. This is the default setting in Unicorn LMS.

All Reports

This option allows a user to report on themselves and any user that is within their management chain (e.g. Mr Jones is the line manager of Mr Smith, Mr Smith is the line manager of Mr Bloggs and Mrs Bloggs. Mr Smith would be able to run a report to include Mr Smith, Mr Bloggs and Mrs Bloggs).

Organisation Unit

This option allows an administrator to report on and make changes to the Organisation Unit within which they sit.


This option allows an administrator to report on and make changes to the whole of the organisation and the units within it.

Amending User Roles/Reporting Scope

See the How do I allocate system roles to a user guide.

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