How to Mark a User as Exempt from an Activity

You can Exempt a User from an Activity if they have been registered to a course, but they do not need to actually complete the activity.  For example, if they have already completed a previous instance of the course so they do not need to complete the new one.

Once the User has been exempted, it will show as 'Exempt' on their training plan, but will show as 'Completed' in reports therefore you may wish to add 'Is Exempt' field if you run a report with exempted Users.

Exempting the User

Locate the Activity you need to exempt the User from via Content Manager (see the Accessing Content Manager guide if you are unsure how to do this).

Click on the Activity's title, then select the Users tab on the left-hand side of the page to see who is registered on the activity. You are able to search for a particular user with the search bar or if you want to mark multiple users as exempt you can filter the registrations by their completion status as shown below.


Once you have found the user(s) you want to exempt from the activity, tick the box next to their name(s). Choose Set Exemption from the actions dropdown menu at the top of the list.

Add an Exemption reason if required (this can help if there are multiple administrators) and click on Set Exemption.

The user will now be marked as exempt. The completion status on the user’s profile will show as exempt, however they will show as completed when running reports.  Add the 'Is Exempt' field when creating reports if you need to show this information.

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