How to Delegate Management

You can delegate the management of your staff to somebody else if you are away from work for any period of time using the Unicorn LMS. This means that your staff will appear on the My Staff page of the delegate, where they normally wouldn’t, and the delegate will also be able to report on these staff in the Reports section of the site.

There are a couple of things to be aware of, which will be explained below, but setting the delegation is easily completed following these steps. 

Hover over Menu then click on Organisation and Users.

Click on the Users tab, search for the User that you are giving delegated access to and then click on their Username

Click on the Line Manager tab on the left-hand side of the page, then click on the Add Delegation button.

You will be taken through a two step wizard.

Step 1

Search for the manager who is going to be absent and select them.  Click the green Next button

Step 2

This step allows you to assign the Reporting Scope you want to allow the delegate to have.

This user only This option allows the delegate to view the absent manager’s training plan through the My Staff page and the absent manager will also appear on the delegate’s reports
Direct Reports This option allows the delegate to see and report on the absent manager and the people they directly manage.
All Reports This option allows the delegate to see and report on the absent manager, the people who report directly to them and in turn the people who report to them, i.e. three tiers of users.

Choose the correct Reporting Scope and click the green Finish button.  The delegation will be set, as shown below.

PLEASE NOTE that the delegate will need to have the appropriate roles/permissions/reporting scope to have access to the information. To view the My Staff and Staff Activity pages, the delegate will need to have the role of Manager and to view all the reports available, they will need to be set as a Reporting Administrator.

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