Unlock User Accounts and Reset User Passwords

Users will lock their account when they enter a password incorrectly 5 times or more. In addition, they will sometimes forget their passwords and these will need to be reset.

Locate the User's profile you need to unlock/reset password on.  See the How do I find a User? guide if you are unsure how to do this.  

Unlock a User's Account

Click on the Username link and scroll down the page until you can see the Actions toolbox.  Click on the Unlock Account link.

The popup window should confirm that the account is locked.  Click on Unlock.

The account will be unlocked.

Reset a User's Password

Users can request a reset password via the login page of the Unicorn LMS however if you need to do it instead, navigate to the Actions toolbox as described above and click on Reset Password.

Click on Submit in the popup window.

The User will receive an email with instructions for resetting their password.

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