Copy Pathway

If you have an existing pathway and you want to use it as the basis for a second course or you want to edit one of our licenced pathways (e.g. include your own eCreator course, remove an activity or change the pass mark on an assessment) you can make a copy. 

When you copy a pathway, the new pathway will still link to the original activities. Therefore, any amendments to the original activities of vendor-managed pathways (e.g. ComplianceServe content) are changed at source and will apply immediately to existing pathways and copied pathways.
The exception is when there is considerable change to the original pathway requiring new content to be created (rather than replaced). Administrators will be notified of any changes via the Unicorn Blog, as shown in the screenshot below, and further action may be required by the Administrator (which we will advise of within the blog post) to ensure the copied pathway is accurately presented to registered users. 

Separate to the activities, there are two options for Assessments when copying a pathway meaning an Administrator can either link to the existing assessments, which would then behave in the same way as the activities above, or they can take a copy of the assessment which would mean the Administrator is then responsible for maintaining the questions in the assessment. 

Copy a pathway

From the Menu click on Find Learning and search for the relevant Pathway or locate your Pathway in Content Manager.

Click on the Common Tasks button (or if accessing a Pathway in Content Manager, click on the title). 
This will take you to the Common Tasks page for the programme, from here click Details.

Click Copy below the text at the bottom of the page.  

You will be presented with a popup window where you can rename the copy of the pathway to distinguish it from the original and you will be presented with 2 options. 
Copy assessments Will copy the assessment as well as the pathway so you are able to edit the questions, increase the pass mark and set a number of attempts. If you choose this option, the copied assessment will need to be maintained manually by an administrator if any amendments are made to the original assessment (i.e. if questions are retired in the original assessment).
Link to existing assessments This will link to the existing assessment and will not allow you to make any changes to the questions or settings. No maintenance is required - if the original assessment is updated, the new pathway will reflect these changes automatically.

After you click on Continue, you will be taken to the Common Tasks page.

From here you are able to click Activities on the left and either add some more activities to your pathway or archive any existing activities you don't need. You can change the order which the activities will be presented to the user by using the arrows under the Order column and change the roll-up or sequencing settings by clicking on Edit next to each activity.

If you chose to take a copy of the assessment, you are able to click on the assessment title taking you in to the assessment to make changes. We recommend changing the name under the details tab. To find out about editing assessments please refer to the guide Creating and Editing Assessments.

When using the option Link to existing assessments you will not be able to make changes to the assessment but you will still be able to add or archive the other elements of the

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