Accessibility Statement

This is Unicorn’s current accessibility statement relating to our interactive eLearning courseware and platform:


In acting as a service provider, Unicorn Training has taken reasonable steps to incorporate current best practices in its services, including its web technology and online training materials, which enable them to be accessible by as many people as possible, including those with disabilities. These practices include, but may not be limited to:


  • Provision of textual versions for all multimedia elements used (e.g. audio, video, animation)

  • Usable designs with clear and consistent navigational elements, and distinct contrast between text and background colours

  • Compliance with the latest W3C recommendations for HTML and CSS, including use of semantic web mark-up

  • Use of plain English, where applicable to the subject matter.


For partially sighted users there are features built into your operating system and web browser which can provide assistance. All modern web browsers support zooming and Microsoft Windows has a built in magnifier which can be used for zooming in to specific areas of the screen:


Whilst accessibility guidelines are written for websites and we use web technologies to create our eLearning, the interactive nature and rich user experience causes a conflict between offering it with high levels of engaging interactivity and reducing interactivity to make it accessible to everyone. For courses that don’t currently provide accessible features we can offer clients a full textual version of the course on request which could be used in place of the interactive eLearning courseware to convey the learning.

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