Adding Attachments in eCreator

You can insert links to PDFs or images into the content fields of some templates.

If you are using an eCreator template that allows files to be added, while you are editing the main text area of the template, the File Attachments section will be displayed underneath it.

Click on Upload to add a file.

Click on Choose File.

Navigate to the file you'd like to use, double-click on it and click on Open.

Click on OK to add it to the eCreator page files.

Click back into the main text editor in the place where you want to insert the file, then click on its link in the File Attachments section to insert it.

Your file will now be showing where you wanted it to be.  In this example, we have chosen an image so the image will be displayed.  If you had chosen a PDF, a hyperlink would be created with the file name so that when the user clicks onto it, the PDF would open.

Delete File Attachment files

Click on the Remove link underneath the file name to remove it from eCreator.

Please note that if you remove the file without removing it from the page, it will cause a broken link that will show in your course.

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