Using the eCreator Page Template

Pencil Icon

The pencil icon tells you that a section of the page can be edited.  Click on it to begin editing the template.

Editable Sections - Page Title

Page Titles are simple text editors and the formatting cannot be amended.

Editable Sections - Main Text Area

The main text editor area on the template allows greater flexibility than the title area.  Using the rich text editor, you can edit your text in a similar way to a word processor and also allows you to add tables, which can be used for data purposes or to help with the layout of items on the page.

Editable Sections - Clickable Image with Popups

If you have chosen a template where users can click on an image and display a popup with more information, you will see an editor that allows you to upload an image and then edit the popup title and text.

Editable Sections - Questions

More complex templates, such as the multiple response, have several areas that can be edited.  As shown below, you can change the question by clicking on the pencil icon, add answers to the question in the simple text boxes, indicate which answers are correct by ticking the boxes next to the answers and set the number of answers in the Settings tab.

Animate Screen Setting

All of the templates have an Animate Screen checkbox in the Settings tab. By default it will be ticked, so the template will be animated when the user views it.  If you are using the same template multiple times within your eCreator course, you might want to turn the animation off for subsequent slides by un-checking the box.

Layout Options

Some templates, like the Text & Image, allow you to change the layout of the elements on the page.  Simply click on the + or - buttons to move them around the screen.

Print Preview

The print preview at the bottom of the screen shows you how the page looks if the user decides to print it and is updated whenever you click on Save. 

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