Publishing Changes on the Compliance Passport Programme

This step is only to be used for users registered as not attempted or incomplete on the Compliance Passport programme if you would like them to complete the new TCF programme instead of the old version.

As there is a new “Conduct risk and TCF” programme we have swapped out the old “TCF” programme that was within the Compliance Passport,This will mean anyone that’s already registered onto the Compliance Passport will only see the old TCF programme version until changes are published.

Please be aware if you publish changes on a user who completed an outdated activity in the past this will give them new activities they do not actually need to complete by moving the programme back into their To Do List. It will also move any activities no longer within this programme outside of it so they are standing alone in the user’s completed To Do List.

Also please be aware that this doesn’t apply to any copied Compliance Programmes as adding the new activity and removing the old will need to be done manually by yourselves.

If you are not sure about these steps we would recommend that you call our help desk beforehand for advice and guidance.

Unicorn Training help desk:
T: 0844 800 3316

Publishing the Changes

Hover over the menu and click Content Manager.

Search for Compliance Passport using the Search box, then click on its link.

Click the Users tab.

Click on the Any Status drop-down menu and change to Not Attempted or Incomplete to only show users with that status.

Tick the box next to the users you wish to make changes to.

Click on the actions drop-down and choose Publish Changes.

A popup window will display the following message.  Please through it and when you are happy, tick the box and click on Continue.

This may take several minutes to complete. Once these steps have been taken the users that had a status Not Attempted or Incomplete will now be able to see the new version of TCF within the Compliance Passport programme.

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