Enabling WebEx Integration with the Webinar feature

To enable WebEx Integration using the Webinar feature, follow the steps below:

You should create webinars and use the SkillsServe platform exclusively and not use the WebEx account after configuration. This is because whilst SkillsServe provides information to WebEx, there is no feature for WebEx to provide information to SkillsServe. Therefore if a webinar is created on WebEx, it will not show on SkillsServe - and could potentially cause conflicts for meetings.
  1. Login to your WebEx site using your admin account
  2. In the top right hand corner, click on 'Site Administration'.
  3. Copy the Site ID and Partner ID on the screen that appears.
  4. Login to your SkillsServe platform using your admin account
  5. Go to Menu, and then Site Settings
  6. On the left hand navigation column, click on Webinar Accounts
  7. Click create and fill in the below information as required in the dialog box
  8. Click Save, and you can now use the Webinar feature.

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