New Find Learning User Interface

New Find Learning User Interface

The new Find Learning user interface released in SkillsServe version 5.0 has been designed to improve the user experience, making it easier to find, register onto and launch the content that's needed. The above image shows the new catalogue and has been marked with points of interest that have been numbered and described below.

1. The Find Learning (Library) and Content Management functions are combined, those with the correct level of access can switch between the two functions by using the tabs at the top left of the screen. A full description of the content management functionality can be found here.

2. There is a Basket function, this allows users to browse their learning library and select multiple activities, when finished users can register onto all of the selected activities at once. Administrators will also have the option of creating new learning pathways from their selections.

3. The library consists of all the categorised learning from your SkillsServe site. Once you have selected a general area, you can click on a subject to refine the topic you want to see content for, this allows you to very precisely locate topics you wish to learn. Using the filters enables you to further narrow your search, when selecting a filter the library will only show the available categories, very similar to the way you would search for items within Amazon.

In the above image the 'Core Competencies' library can be selected from either the menu on the left or by selecting the catalogue name in the main display area.

The content contained within that catalogue will now show in the main display area, at present all activity types available are shown.

Further filters can be applied to further narrow down the selection, in the above image Programme has been selected from the Course Format filter which will remove all other activity types from the selection.

4. Users will be able to launch content directly once found or add the content to their basket, content that is launched and not completed will be located in a users My Activity area accessible via the home page. 

Administrators will have the option of accessing the selected activities Common Tasks whether working within the Library or the Content Manager tab.

5. There are tags beneath the description, these relate to the libraries and filters that each learning pathway or activity is linked with and can be used to help locate similar content that users maybe interested in.

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