Activity Ratings & Feedback

Activity Ratings & Feedback

The activity ratings feature enables learners to rate an activity they have completed and provide feedback to the Content Administrators. The types of activity that can be rated are:

  • eLearning courses
  • eCreator courses
  • Videos
  • Documents

Course Administrators can then review and moderate ratings and feedback. They can then use this feedback to evaluate an activity and, where necessary, make improvements.

It is possible to collate and then display the average rating to users browsing the catalogues or course administrators may want to collate feedback and review privately for administration purposes without displaying to users.

Using Ratings as a Learner

If you complete an activity which has been enabled for ratings, you will be prompted to select a rating and enter comments to support that rating as further feedback. The ratings window will appear upon closing a launched activity or, in the case of a document, when the status of the learning is changed to 'completed'. When the ratings window is displayed, click on the number of stars which best represents your experience. 

It is a configurable setting as to whether it is mandatory to include a comment according to the number of stars you select. A red asterisk will indicate if it is mandatory. Once you have selected your rating and provided a comment, click on Submit to save and close the window. 

Your star rating will then be displayed under the course name within your My Activities area when viewing completed activities.

Editing a Rating Retrospectively

If you do not wish to leave a rating for an activity click on Cancel when the rating window is presented. It is possible to rate the activity retrospectively when you have thought about your response or have more time to do so.

When you are ready to rate the activity, navigate to your My Activities area and view Completed activities. Click on the Rate the Activity link beneath the activity and complete as instructed above. 

Editing a Rating

Should you wish to edit your rating click on the Edit link next to the star rating. Amend the rating and/or comment then click on Submit.

Viewing Ratings in Find Learning

If no rating has been recorded, the rating will appear as 5 grey stars beneath the activity title.

Ratings for Pathways

A pathway will display the aggregate rating for the activities inside it. The users will rate the individual activities in the way instructed above as they are completed. These ratings will be collated together to create an aggregate rating which is then displayed in the pathway. This can then be viewed under the Pathway title in Find Learning and Content Manager.

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