Extending Layouts with Tables (eCreator)

This guide gives you hints and tips for how to add more to your layouts by using tables and HTML.

Adding Tables

Whilst in the page editor, click on the pencil icon next to the page content text and then click the Insert Table icon.

Select how many Columns and Rows you would like by scrolling across in the table popup.  Click again when you are happy.

You will see a table has been added to the page content text box. Click on and drag the handles of the table to resize it.

Your table will now look something like the one shown below.  You will be able to layout text and images on the screen as you wish.  Simply type into the table to add text or add images you have uploaded.  See the Adding Attachments to the Page section in Add a new page to an eCreator course (eCreator) if you are unsure how to do this.

Please note: You can also use HTML to set the table height/width and the row/column height and widths.  See below for the link to the guide.

Editing Tables with HTML

See the guide here.

Editing Tables with Word

An alternative to looking at and editing the HTML code is to write your table in Microsoft Word and then paste it into your page.  NB your version of Word may look different to the screenshots below however the process is the same.

Begin by selecting a New Blank Document within Word.

Click on Insert Table and scroll over the popup to select the size of the table you want to insert.  Click again when you are happy.

In the below example, I want to merge the left-hand column so that I can insert an image and use the other columns for my text. I have therefore highlighted the left-hand column, right-clicked to show the menu and clicked again on the Merge Cells options within the menu.

I can now add the image and text into the table, as in the example below.

Highlight the table in Word and right-click to select Copy.

Click back into the page content text window and press the Ctrl and V keys on your keyboard at the same time.  Your table will be pasted into the window.

You will notice that the image has not been copied across.  This is because it needs to be uploaded into the course in the same way you would do if you wanted to add an image/file.  See the Adding Attachments to the Page section in Add a new page to an eCreator course (eCreator) if you are unsure how to do this.

In addition, if you make any changes to the table in Word that affects other aspects of the formatting, such as the table background colour or text colour, these will not be transferred across either.  If you would like to make changes to these aspects of the table, you will need to refer to the Editing Tables with HTML guide.

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