Overview of CPD within Unicorn LMS

What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. It refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that is gained both formally and informally, beyond any initial training. It's a record of what you experience, learn and apply.

How does CPD work in Unicorn LMS?

Many professional bodies have rules and standards concerning the amount of CPD that should be completed over a given time period. The rules often only apply to certain professionals so it is possible for an organisations to adopt multiple schemes. Unicorn LMS caters for this. Organisations have the ability to define their own CPD scheme or introduce a scheme to cater for employees that do not have CPD requirements defined by a professional body.

Some content that exists within Unicorn LMS can be assigned a CPD value. Then when completed that value is added to a users CPD log. Other content records the time a user spends in the process of completion and, when completed, that value is added to the users CPD log.

A significant feature of Unicorn LMS is the ability to create learning pathways that contain multiple types of content (activities) and other learning pathways that also contain activities (more about learning pathways). Learning pathways can also be given a CPD value. Unicorn LMS intelligently deals with the activities within the learning pathway that have a CPD value so there is no double counting. Unicorn LMS also deals with learning pathways that have a CPD value and span more than a year. The individual activities within the learning pathway will count towards the CPD year they are completed in.

Accessing Your CPD Record in Unicorn LMS

To view your CPD record within your LMS, you can either click on your CPD portlet (highlighted below) located on your homepage, or the CPD Log link from the menu.

If you do not have a CPD requirements configured in your LMS, the CPD 'donut' will not show on the CPD portlet, as shown below.

In addition, the 'donut' will not show in the user's CPD Log.

CPD Log Overview

The CPD Log enables you to edit and manage your CPD activities. 

  • CPD Settings - allows to set up the start date for your CPD year.
  • Export, Import and Print allows you to take your CPD record with you, for example into a meeting where you will not be able to access the LMS.
  • Add CPD allows you to manually add an activity that will count towards your CPD record. For example, a seminar you have attended.

Grouping and filtering makes managing your CPD more efficient. Click on a type of activity in the Activity Type filter on the left to view only that type of activity or use the CPD Category to filter by Structured or Unstructured CPD records.

The CPD Log can be filtered by activities that are planned, requiring action and eligible by clicking the appropriate View button using the filters at the top (the buttons will only be available to click on where there is content available e.g. Completed activities).

The default view will be for the current CPD year which automatically resets when your new CPD year is due to start (e.g. using the example in the image below, the log will reset and display the new year on 1/1/2017). You can view historical CPD by changing the CPD Year starting: drop-down menu.

Activities completed outside of your LMS will need to be added manually by clicking the Add CPD button and completing the form. All fields that have an asterisk are mandatory. Future CPD activities can also be added in this way and will be recorded as Planned activities. For example, this could be a seminar you are expecting to attend next week. Complete as much detail as required but select Incomplete in the Activity Status drop down. Click the Add button when finished. This will record the activity as incomplete which will be indicated by a clock icon. Once you have later completed the activity you need to return to your CPD entry, click on it to edit and change the status to Complete and enter a reflective statement to update the activity to Eligible CPD.  

CPD Log Icons

Completed eligible activities are indicated by a tick.

Activities which require further action (i.e. reflective statement needs to be completed) are identified by a yellow warning triangle icon.

Activities which are incomplete (i.e. planned activities entered into the log in advance) are identified by a clock icon. Planned activities are any activities you enter manually using the Add CPD button. It does not include outstanding activities in your Training Plan (My Activities).

Clicking on the pencil icon will enable to you edit the CPD entry.

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