Backup and Disaster Recovery

Unicorn LMS Backup Policy

Each Unicorn LMS platform is automatically backed up hourly in our primary hosting data centre in London and daily to our off-site backup storage in Ireland.

We use hourly transaction log backups, daily differential backups and take full backups once a week. 

Backups are encrypted at rest before the weekly and daily backups are sent to our off site backup solution.

Our Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is 1 hour for primary site held data and up to 24 hours for data on our off-site backup solution.

Our Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is up to 24 hours from backups accessible from our primary site and up to 48 hours for back-ups held in our off-site backup solution.

All Unicorn LMS sites are covered by this policy.

Disaster Recovery

Our primary hosting location is in a modern, secure, robust and highly available and reputable ISO27001 registered and PCI compliant data centre based in London. As a data centre it includes state of the art physical security, redundant power from two different parts of the national power grid, backup generators, advanced fire suppression and multi-homed diverse internet connectivity.

Unicorn own and manage all physical hardware from the fully redundant internet hand-off with all equipment at least N+1 redundant with no single points of failure. Databases are clustered with a full redundant backup server and all web servers are network load balanced to ensure higher performance and to mitigate against failure. All of our data storage equipment such as SAN controllers and networking equipment such as firewalls and switches are also configured in a high-availability fully redundant configuration.

By choosing a state of the art data centre and employing a high availability configuration we are confident our primary hosting solution is extremely robust. 

We also operate a regularly tested secondary hosting solution for the purposes of disaster recovery. This is hosted in Holland with Microsoft and enables us to provide alternative hosting in the unlikely event of destruction of our primary data centre. We perform disaster recovery tests once per quarter to ensure we can restore an entire Unicorn LMS site including its data and content and made available to end users. 

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