Importing eLearning

The Unicorn LMS supports the three main eLearning Industry standards: AICC; SCORM; and xAPI (aka Experience API and Tin Can). The most common format used is SCORM but Unicorn LMS treats all of the formats in a similar way therefore this guide applies to all.

There is a maximum file size of 330MB when uploading files in to your LMS. Therefore, before uploading AICC or SCORM eLearning content, please ensure that you have packaged it into a Zip file. xAPI also supports importing via a URL to externally hosted content.

Import AICC/SCORM/xAPI eLearning content:

1.  From the Menu, navigate to the Content Manager.

2.  Click on the Create button and select Import eLearning (AICC)  or Import eLearning (SCORM/XAPI) as appropriate.

3.  Click on the Choose File button, locate and select your zipped file. 

Once successfully loaded, you will be taken to the Details section.

Complete the relevant fields as follows:

  1. Check the name has pulled through correctly or amend if necessary
  2. Enter a code to uniquely identify this activity following your own guidelines for creating codes.
  3. If the eLearning package includes a description for the course, it will automatically populate in the Description field here but, if not, can be entered at this point or amended. This will be displayed to the user when browsing Find Learning to help them choose appropriate learning to register on to. It can also be viewed under Info in My Activities once they are registered on to the eLearning. 
  4. List any learning outcomes the learner can expect from completing the elearning in the Objectives field.
  5. Only enter the appropriate launch width and height if the window has not already been set to automatically resize at the point of course production, otherwise this can be left blank.
  6. SCORM/XAPI only: Select the appropriate Window Parameters, for example, if you want the user to be able to navigate using Next and Back buttons. Selecting Exit is highly recommended. The navigation and toolbar are only required if a multi-SCO course. 

  7. Click on Save before navigating away from the page.

Importing eLearning from another Unicorn site

It is possible to download your eCreator content from one Unicorn site and upload it to another if you have upgraded your Unicorn subscription to a full Unicorn LMS.  Please speak to your RM regarding this functionality if it applies to you.

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