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  1. A Guide to Creating a T&C Scheme

  2. Accessibility Statement

  3. Accessing Content Manager

  4. Accessing the Content Manager (eCreator)

  5. Activity Custom Fields

  6. Activity Ratings & Feedback

  7. Activity Settings in Pathways

  8. Add a new page to an eCreator course (eCreator)

  9. Add a URL/hyperlink to an eCreator page

  10. Add a YouTube video (eCreator)

  11. Adding a New User to a Unit

  12. Adding a Second Logo

  13. Adding Attachments in eCreator

  14. Administration for Activity Ratings

  15. Administration for Discussion Forums

  16. Administrator navigation

  17. Administrator Training Webinar Schedule - March/April

  18. Allocating System Roles/Reporting Scope to Users

  19. Amending Time Spent on an eCreator course

  20. An Introduction to T&C

  21. Archive an eCreator Course

  22. Archiving an Activity

  23. Archiving an Activity in a Pathway

  24. Archiving and Restoring a User's Account

  25. Assign an expert to an activity

  26. Automatically Recorded Activity within CPD Log

  27. Backup and Disaster Recovery

  28. Catalogues

  29. Categories and Assigning Users to Them

  30. Changing Personal Details on a User's Account

  31. Common Tasks Portlet

  32. ComplianceServe T&C

  33. Content Hosted by Third Parties

  34. Content Maintenance Statement

  35. ContentServe - Downloading Content

  36. Copy Pathway

  37. Copying an Assessment

  38. Copying an Event

  39. CPD Adjustments

  40. Create a new eCreator Course (eCreator)

  41. Create a new eCreator course version

  42. Create a Welcome Email to New Users

  43. Create an Email Notification to Confirm a User's Registration

  44. Creating a Chart Report

  45. Creating a Document Activity

  46. Creating a Form

  47. Creating a New Event

  48. Creating a New Organisation

  49. Creating a New Report

  50. Creating a Pathway

  51. Creating a Question Bank

  52. Creating a Registration Rule to Automatically Assign Content to New Users

  53. Creating a Structured/Unstructured CPD Summary Report

  54. Creating an Offline Activity

  55. Creating and Editing Assessments

  56. Creating New Activities

  57. Creating New Organisation Units

  58. Creating New Organisation Units

  59. Creating new organisation units and user accounts

  60. Creating New Users Accounts

  61. Custom Organisation Information Fields Creation

  62. Delete/archive a page from an eCreator course

  63. Deleting an Organisation Unit

  64. Diagnostic Assessments

  65. Discussion Forums & Ask the Expert Quick Start Guide

  66. eCreator course settings

  67. eCreator Templates

  68. Editing and Copying an Existing Report

  69. Editing images (eCreator)

  70. Editing images - Paint

  71. Editing images - pixlr

  72. Editing Tables with HTML (eCreator)

  73. Editing the Filters in Reports

  74. Editing the Time Spent on an Activity within the CPD Log

  75. Email Reminders

  76. Enabling WebEx Integration with the Webinar feature

  77. Encoding Your Video File Using Handbrake

  78. Exporting the Results of a Report

  79. Extending Layouts with Tables (eCreator)

  80. Filling out the User Data Import Template

  81. Follow a Discussion

  82. Forms Delegation

  83. Grouping CPD Activities into a Personal CPD Pathway

  84. How do I find a user?

  85. How to Amend a Line Manager

  86. How to Award Certificates for Activities

  87. How to Cancel a User from an Activity

  88. How to Create a Form Template

  89. How to create a plain text eCreator course

  90. How to Delegate Management

  91. How to Mark a User as Exempt from an Activity

  92. How To Print Name Badges for Events

  93. How to Set a Line Manager

  94. I have completed a module/course, but my status still says Incomplete. Why is this?

  95. Importing eLearning

  96. Items on the Standard Section of a Form

  97. Managing Attendance on Events

  98. Managing Uploaded Content in the Content Manager

  99. Managing Users for Activities

  100. Managing your content

  101. Minimum Technical Requirements - ComplianceServe

  102. Minimum Technical Requirements - Essential Skillz

  103. Minimum Technical Requirements - Learning Management System (LMS) and Content

  104. Minimum Technical Requirements - Microlearn

  105. Minimum Technical Requirements - RESILIA

  106. Minimum Technical Requirements - Workplace Skills by Learning Heroes

  107. Moving an Organisation Unit

  108. Moving User Accounts

  109. My Staff

  110. My Team Activity

  111. New Client Administrator Overview Video Guides

  112. New Client Administrator Overview Written Guides

  113. New Find Learning User Interface

  114. Overview of Chart Reports

  115. Overview of CPD within Unicorn LMS

  116. Participating in Discussions as an Expert

  117. Pathway Assessments

  118. Previewing eCreator courses and pages (eCreator)

  119. Printing Event Attendance Lists

  120. Printing Event Badges

  121. Publishing Changes on the Compliance Passport Programme

  122. Registering Specific Users

  123. Registering Users on Events

  124. Registering Users on to Activities

  125. Registration Rules

  126. Renaming an Organisation Unit

  127. Reorder pages in an eCreator course

  128. Reply to a Discussion

  129. Reports Homepage

  130. Restore a page in an eCreator course

  131. Restore an eCreator course

  132. Retired Questions

  133. Running a Report

  134. Scheduling Report Emails

  135. Sections on Form Templates

  136. Setting a Favourite Report

  137. Setting Images as Popup Links (eCreator)

  138. Setting your CPD Year Start Date

  139. Signing Up to the Help & Discussion Forum

  140. Sliding Banner

  141. Starting a Discussion

  142. T&C - Offline Forms

  143. T&C - Practical Instructions for Implementation

  144. T&C with ComplianceServe

  145. The Unicorn LMS Privacy Policy

  146. Unicorn Help & Discussions Forum - User Settings

  147. Unicorn's Data Protection Act Policy

  148. Unlock User Accounts and Reset User Passwords

  149. Update Login Details on a User's Account (Username)

  150. Updating Your Profile

  151. Upload a Document to a User's Profile

  152. Uploading Videos and Audio files

  153. User Access Options

  154. User Roles, Permissions and Reporting Scopes Overview

  155. Using 'Find Learning' & Self-registering for Activities

  156. Using Report Filters

  157. Using Routemaps

  158. Using the All Pages button

  159. Using the eCreator Page Template

  160. Video Guides

  161. Viewing Discussions

  162. Viewing Events

  163. Viewing, Managing (Editing) and Creating Surveys

  164. What is our Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

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